Story Inspired Art

Banner image: Arthritis has been part of my life everyday, by Taylor Tarahteeff


As part of our commitment to amplify the voices of those individuals who have shared their stories through our project, the Story Booth team partnered with artists at the University of Pittsburgh-Bradford to launch the Story-Inspired Art initiative. In collaboration with Anna Lemnitzer, Directory of Interdisciplinary Arts at the University of Pittsburgh – Bradford, a curricular integration project has led to the creation of original artwork that is inspired by Story Booth stories. Pitt Bradford students and faculty choose publicly posted Story Booth stories and interpret them artistically, in a manner that they feel will support storytellers’ goals of spreading hope through narrative. We hope that the use of art to interpret these stories will intensify storytellers’ perspectives, draw a larger audience for these important stories, and build a sense of connection between storytellers and their audience.

The art is created with embedded QR codes so when the COVID-19 pandemic abates and the artwork can be displayed in a physical gallery, audience members can reflect on the visual art while listening to the story that inspired it. Here, you can just click on the audio play button on an individual artwork’s page to hear the associated story. We are most appreciative of the opportunity to work with so many talented artists and storytellers and invite you to explore their work below.

We greatly appreciate the support of the University of Pittsburgh 2020 Year of Creativity Program, which awarded funds to support this initiative. We welcome you to enjoy the virtual art show and the conversation that followed.

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